The Syracuse University Rugby Alumni Association (SURAA) was formed to establish and maintain contact for the hundreds of former Syracuse University Rugby Football Club (SURFC) members and friends, promote activities for the benefit of members, and support men’s rugby at Syracuse University.  The SURAA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that is incorporated as a group of the Syracuse University Alumni Association.  The SURAA is currently involved in the following activities:
  • Preparation and planning for SURFC reunions
  • Alumni rugby activities, including the annual
  Can-Am Rugby tournament in the Adirondacks
  • Organization of community service events
  • Assistance to the rugby program at SyracuseUniversity
  • Development of scholarship programs
  • Development of a Wall of Fame


No upcoming events at the moment


The Syracuse University Rugby Football Club (SURFC) was started in the fall of 1969 by John Mauro and Peter Baigent.  Thanks to a dedicated set of volunteer coaches, committed players, and loyal alumni, rugby has continued to thrive at SU.  In order to keep the sport alive and well and part of the student experience at SU, the Syracuse University Rugby Alumni Association (SURAA) was founded in 2009.  In the years since its foundation, the SURAA has organized annual fundraisers to support the SURFC with guest coaching clinics, travel costs, and equipment.  In addition, the SURAA has organized celebrations for the club’s 40th and 45th anniversaries, annual alumni weekends, and entry into numerous tournaments.  We are excited and committed to continue supporting the student athletes of the SURFC so they can compete at the highest level of college rugby in the US. 


We send periodic newsletters to keep alumni and supporters updated with the latest news and events from both the Syracuse University Rugby Club and Alumni Association

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2016 Hammerheads
2000s Hammerheads
Hammerheads_Liberty Cup
Hammerheads_2012 Pop Pass
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Your donations keep rugby alive and well at Syracuse University!  While much of Syracuse’s competition have received increased resources and support from their universities, the SURFC continues to operate on a small club sports budget and alumni contributions.  Our dedicated alumni and supporters allow Syracuse to continue competing at the top level of college rugby.  Your donations and support allow us to keep the camaraderie and brotherhood provided through rugby alive and well at Syracuse University.

Please consider donating today- every bit helps!  The SURAA accepts donations of money, time, and additional support.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in the SURAA please contact Zach Levek.


The SURAA does not charge membership dues and encourages all SURFC alumni and supporters to contribute in any form.  To help keep rugby alive and well at SU we accept donations of money, time, and support.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in the SURAA please contact Zach Levek.

The SURAA is committed to ensuring members:

  • Know of upcoming alumni events

  • Stay informed about the current SURFC

  • Attend both SURAA and SURFC events

  • Continue to have opportunities to play, support, and enjoy rugby after college



President: Zach Levek
Vice President: John Wilson
Treasurer: Dan Sanderson
Secretary: Dan Colantonio
Member at Large: Bob Wilson
Member at Large: Corey Kennedy



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