Hammerhead Updates

posted May 22, 2015, 5:13 AM by SURFC Alumni

Greetings Fellow Alumni!

 I hope 2015 is treating you well, and you’ve got an eventful summer planned.

With the 45th anniversary celebration in our rearview mirrors, the Syracuse University Rugby Alumni Association is ramping up its annual fundraising campaign.

Rugby is continuing to explode across the country, and the upcoming Olympics are expected to bring interest to an all-time high.

What does that mean for our beloved Hammerheads you ask???

Increased competition due to more opponents with increasingly more resources! For example, we’ve just learned that Oswego State University has received a $30,000 annual budget for the upcoming 2015/16 rugby season.

While Syracuse University has continued to increase its support (projected at $3,000-$4,000 next year), there are unfortunate limitations that prevent them from funding club sports differently, regardless of their tenure at the university, the legitimacy of their sport, and ability to put Syracuse University in front of a national audience (NBC College 7’s Championship for example).

Believe it or not, there is a Quidditch club that receives equal funding. No offense to any Harry Potter lovers, but this is absurd.

I plan on personally working with the Alumni Association to leverage our contacts to discuss greater support for the S.U.R.F.C. from the University. This will be a lengthy process, with no guarantee of additional funding from the University.  In the meantime, we must continue our annual efforts to raise funds to help bridge the gap of financial support between our program and others around the country, and even in our backyard.

No amount is too small to help out, and as discussed at the 45th Banquet, if every player that kitted up for S.U. were to donate $20, we’d more than triple our best fundraising year ever!

The problem is, we don’t have everyone’s contact info! 

I’m asking each and every one of you to do two things:

1.       Make a donation of whatever amount you’re able to spare

2.       Reach out to 3 people [preferably some that you know aren’t connected with the SURAA yet] and encourage them to re-engage socially and or financially. Use this link to add/update your contact information:

We must grow our circle of supporters, and continue to ramp up our support to ensure that rugby at Syracuse University continues its proud tradition for another 45+ years!

Paypal donations use this link: or on the PayPal link to the left side of this page.

Checks made payable to SURAA or Syracuse university Rugby Alumni association 

106 Janet Dr.

Syracuse, NY 13224


Hope to see you at Saranac or in November for the annual Alumni game!


Daniel Sanderson [Bulldog]


Syracuse University Rugby Alumni Association