45th Recap

posted May 21, 2015, 5:16 AM by SURFC Alumni

Wow, what a memorable 45th banquet for the SURFC on May 2nd. The venue at Drumlins included a large outdoor patio. The memorabilia tables were full of many newspaper articles and pictures of the history of the club. The food was plentiful and good, as was the open bar.

The 70 attendees gave standing ovations to the honourees Fred Greenaway and Roger Sinta. Fred gave a historical perspective of the club in the seventies. Linking those years to the club formation, through to the present club. He gave a great description of the accomplishments during those years and commended the club for its continued embracing of the "spirit" that the SURFC has maintained throughout the decades of its existence.

Roger started his presentation with an informative biblical description of the origins of the game of Rugby. He presented some photo-shopped pictures with colorful descriptions of the players of the early teams of the seventies which included many toasts. Roger specifically mentioned Peter Smith as an aspirational player from the 70's.

Bob Wilson gave a brief update of the current squad and what they have accomplished and how they fared in their new league.

Ties, polo shirts, and hoodies with the SURFC logos were available for sale.  Some are left over and can be purchased at: Pictures of the festivities can be seen at SURAA's Facebook page.

Thank you to Geoff Juliver for providing the silent auction items.


Barry Glickstein

Syracuse University Rugby Alumni Association